SEEKING THE AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE - “The aesthetic experience is a simple beholding of the object…you experience a radiance. You are held in aesthetic arrest.” -Joseph Campbell

I am HUGE fan of Jason Silva (a young, brilliant philosopher-futurist) and his short films called "Shots of Awe" that he posts on YouTube.

He describes in words what runs through my mind all the time as a stonesmith-designer-builder of experiences for humans.  My new project will be my greatest challenge thus far and will require that I move through many "dips" that Seth Godin discusses in his book aptly titled "The Dip".  I now speak with complete honesty, candor and rawness to new clients about what I envision in my imagination and feel in my heart about their projects.  

For this massive project with a very, very large budget for a wealthy client I wrote a letter to him and his wife using a white gel pen on black paper describing my vision. Then, I sent him this link to watch.  It's a new way of engaging clients for me that is very authentic too.

Watch this very short film by Jason Silva "Seeking the Aesthetic Experience" (CLICK ON THE TITLE) as it so clearly articulates my goal with this forthcoming project in Truckee, California with all the members of my new Consortium called The Throughstone Group.