Get Your Own "Awe"... Through Dry Stone Works!

When it comes to explaining the history and tradition of "dry stone" anything there are many others more prolific than I am; and there are dozens of locations on our planet where the conversation could begin.

So, I'm going to skip that for now and move along on a tangent and briefly write something about creating "awe" in your life through dry stone works.  

Whether it be a simple or complex project (such as the one in the photo below) a properly-built dry stone project is GUARANTEED to create a sense of "awe"!

In moments of "awe" the mind becomes still... and in today's world we all need a lot more "awe" to access this stillness.  Everyday, I believe.  

So, I think, why can't I or we have awe every day?  

You can.  I can.  One way is to connect with a real dry stone mason and pay him/her to build you something... and please be patient!  It is a process.

(See the photo of a project by Andrew Loudon - - for your own mini-awe-moment!)