In 2010, jon began building pedestal-based Roof Decks in Seattle using the Belgium-based Buzon pedestal system. Soon afterwards, he became their USA Technical representative. A year later, Jon co-founded Buzon USA West (1 of 2 USA distributors) and HDG Building Materials (now the parent company that supplies all design services, decking materials and the Buzon pedestal system).

in 2013, he left all of those business roles behind to focus solely on his stone masonry business and building roof decks. Today, Jon is an independent consultant, trainer and installer for high end, complex and/or remote location roof deck projects. Because of the superiority of the Buzon pedestal system (specifically the BC-series) he only provides these independent consulting, training and installation services for projects that specify any of the Buzon pedestal series.

Here is a partial list of projects Jon has consulted on, provided on-site training for local installation crews or built with his traveling team:

  • 2010, 2012, & 2015 (Seattle, Washington) residential & condominium installations & training for NDA projects

  • 2011 (Children’s Interactive Museum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) consultation services for Ohio-based architect

  • 2012 (Woodinville, Washington) residential installation

  • 2014 (Camano Island, Washington) residential installation

  • 2013 (Malibu, California) on-site training

  • 2013 (Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica) consultation services

  • 2015 (Geyserville, California) residential installation

  • 2016 (Medina, Washington) residential installation for NDA project

  • 2019 (Museo Jumex in Mexico City, Mexico) consultation services

  • 2019 (Oakland T 12 Office Building in Oakland, California) on-site training for the local installation crew

  • Presently - (Tampa, Florida) - consultation services for penthouse project (installation begins in 2020)

That’s me (on the right) training an awesome team in Oakland (2019) on a very complex downtown project!

That’s me (on the right) training an awesome team in Oakland (2019) on a very complex downtown project!


1) Remote training & tech support & Product order QC Assistance (via zoom, facebook Live, Skype, etc.).

2) On-site training for 1-3 days (English & Spanish).

3) On-site installation/project management in partnership with the hired contractor (layout assistance, installation solutions, material flow management, etc.).

4) FULL Installation for complex, remote or high-end projects with a Travel Team.

5) Consultation with Architects, Designers, Builders during planning phase to mitigate avoidable problems and to understand the Buzon system and decking material options and installation methods.

*Jon is 100% independent from Buzon BPI, Buzon USA West & HDG Building Materials