In 2019, I’m adding two more layers to my ever-evolving design-build principles: For the last few years my intent was to Create some sense of awe, a mixed emotion with a range of characteristics. (I aimed for the lighter side of awe such as a brief moment of transcendence from the stresses of the physical world or a long moment of feeling an actual connection with this beautiful planet.)

Now, I’m diving into both how design drives behavior and how design, materials, details and the craftsman or artist can trigger positive neuro-associations. Additionally, I’m intensifying my efforts to collaborate with other select and varied persons with whom I share the same values.

I design and build in the MODERN WORLD THROUGH THE CONSTRUCTION OF spaces, places and things USING Natural Stone (the world's oldest building material) and the "Dry Stone" method (The world's oldest building technique). I also balance the “weightiness” of stone with wood, metal, plantings, lights, Earth-shaping (“dirt work”) and more.

"Dry Stone" is the construction of a structure or feature using only natural stone and nothing more.  

a true drystone mason must follow the old, sacred rules, which requires extreme discipline and perseverancE.  Yet, the strict adherence to theM allows for the building of a stone feature that can last for thousands of years. Therein lies the reward FOR his or her effort.

I, however, Call myself a "Stonesmith" because I want to move the conversation about this somewhat obscure trade away from the strictures of the traditional NOUNS USED and towards a discussion about what's now possible in the 21st century by combining this ancient craft with modern machinery and technologies.  

- Jon Aguilar (Master Stonesmith & Artist)



provide clients with one-of-a-kind stone spaces and structures of absolute permanence and beauty. source the best and most appropriate raw rock or stone. cut and shape it on-site or import it with custom shapes, sizes, textures, and finishes. transport rock or stone to any location.


Design & Consultation services are offered to Landscape architects & Designers, architects, builders, Landscape construction companies.

DRY STONE WORKS That Can Be Built: 

- Modern megaliths

- low walls or high walls (Retaining or Freestanding)


- Meditation or Sacred spaces

- FIRE features (gas or wood) 

- Charcoal or gas cOOKING SPACES

- Stereotomical features


- memorial features or Public art & spaces


- Large scale stone works